Pool Services

Our Pool Services

  • Weekly Pool Service

  • Swimming Pool Maintenance

  • Drain and Acid Wash

  • Resurface/Refinish Older Pool Surfaces

  • Leak Detection Services

  • Green-2-Clean

  • Replace Old Filter Cartridges
    Free Delivery & Installation

  • Pool Pump-Pool Motor Maintenance

  • No-Drain Acid Wash

  • Monthly Pool Supplies Drop Off
    w/Free Delivery!
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    Pool Cleaning

    Pool Cleaning Services

  • Weekly Pool Cleaning

  • Check your Pools Chemicals & adjust appropriately

  • Remove, Empty & Clean Pump and Skimmer Basket/s

  • Brush walls, floors, ledges
    (pool & spa)

  • Skim the top of the pool (& spa) water and remove any foreign debris

  • Clean and wash deck side skimmer/s

  • Brush walls, floors, ledges
    (pool & spa)

  • Vacuum Pool & Spa Floor

  • Skim the top of the pool water and spa water and remove any foreign debris

  • Monitor filter pressure and clean filter cartridges

  • Backwash DE filter as needed based on pressure and water flow.

  • Inspect pool pump, motor and filter to ensure most effective and efficient use.

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    Pool Equipment

    We Sell, Service & Maintain most Swimming Pool Equipment.

  • Pool Pumps

  • Pool Motors

  • Variable Speed Pumps & Motors

  • Cartridge Filters

  • Replacement Cartridges

  • DE Filter Systems

  • DE Filter Replacement Grids

  • Inline Chlorine feeders

  • Salt Chlorinator Systems

  • Replacement Salt Cells

  • Pressure Cleaners

  • Suction Vacuums

  • Pool Lights (White & Programmable)

  • Pool Supplies
    (Poles, Skimmer Nets, Pump, Baskets)

  • Skimmer Baskets, Replacement Lids
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